Keep your cameras in, get your metal horns out!

Metal horns

That’s the least you can do to show respect to the band you just spent hundreds of dollars to watch.

Keep calm and enjoy the show!


Disclaimer: The second pic (of Blaze Bayley) is obviously photo shopped… he’s an awesome guy and musician!

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  1. funny representation. Hope no phone company takes offense :D….


    • Vidya, thanks for stopping by. I guess the problem is with the users, not the phone companies. We do think its bad manners to receive calls at the dining table, b/w meetings etc, I’m just trying to say that the same concept applies to concerts too.


  2. Lol, nice one. This is the age of mobile camera only, go anywhere for any event and you can see lots of mobile phones out…


  3. Have you read the latest viral article from a New York restaurant? It says the same thing, people don’t enjoy the moment, they just chat/text/click. Cell phones are bane.


    • Could you pls share it? I can imagine though, husband an dI made a no cellphone policy when we’re out on a date, after we caught ourselves checking FB or news at restaurants. smart phones are addictive, the dumb phones were better for social gatherings


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