Seven Deadly Whines of Blogging

I’ve been blogging for 7 months now, so I think I’m allowed one PMS post.

If you think I’m complaining about you, remember, it’s not just you. I visit at least 3-5 new blogs every day, and many other blogs have similar attributes as yours. And before you hate me, remember, it’s not just me. If one reader had an issue, chances are, other readers encountered the same problem too. Bottom-line, being unique is unique.

  1. Closed Circle: You blog because you have something to say. I comment on your posts because I have something to say. When I read an awesome post but can’t compliment/discuss with the author because I don’t have a G+ or Disqus or some other kind of lame profile that I’ve tried very hard to stay away from, I growl so viciously I’d scare a bear away. Your blog is public, why not open out your comments to the public too? We Fabo-Twitto-Gpluso-phobes are people too.
  2. Insomniac’s corner: When I can’t sleep, I find blogs that take so long to load, I can count all the pixel-sheep on my screen. At other times, I growl again (bears obviously fear me) and click out vehemently. If the title is really interesting, though, I take a little nap to kill time and do some yoga to calm down while it loads. When it comes to blogs, everyone prefers the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am way. How about some spring-cleaning and downsizing?
  3. Plug-in slugs: A major cause of the insomniac’s corner, some blogs have so many plug-ins, it conjures up creepy images of the Matrix. Too many ‘efficiency boosting’ plug-ins not only load pages after eternity, but also freeze our browsers and crash it. Growl. Remember, a plug-in a day drives the reader away.
  4. Blog of no return: I’ve encountered this mostly on websites but also on some over-enthusiastic, well-established blogs. I don’t see the reasoning behind disabling backspace, because it annoys more readers than it retains. It’s a free world, and your nasty little tactic can be overcome by a simple CTRL-T, or pointedly visiting another blog. Nobody’s indispensable.
  5. Blog hijackers: I plead guilty to having done this many times. As a newbie blogger, I’d carefully read every word in a blog post, reflect on it and comment with my views/counterviews, citing examples and even adding my own twist to the article. I was often miffed that the authors only said “thanks” or didn’t even reply to my thoughtful comments. It took me fifteen minutes to just type that! Now I know why. If you have so much to say, blog about it instead and send the author the link. Or share your email ID privately and have heated intellectual discussions. Don’t hijack their post with a mini-blog in their comments section.
  6. Stiff upper lip authors: Remember, you blog because you have something to say? Well, your readers spent their precious time reading your thoughts and sharing their 2-cents in the comments section, when they could have been popping corn or jumping on bubble-wrap to unwind. The least you can do is reply. And a mass manufactured “thanks”, “thanks for dropping by” or their variations just show you’re a pizza hut in the world of hand-crafted pizzerias.

So, what’s your seventh deadly whine?


About chaitanya

Since the day I realized that making two words rhyme was the first step to poetry (a step I've now thankfully outgrown) I've been writing. I've just been too shy to blog. But What is the Question? is a baby step toward exploring my blogability. I aim to post twice a month and I'll try my very best to not bore you, because I hate boring blogs too! Keep checking back in!

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  1. This is a little out of context from your post, but as a Blogger I hate ‘Nice Comments’. What does that even mean? I spent hours to structure a post, ensure its grammar is perfect, hunt for pictures and then finally post it and all you come up is with ‘Nice’.

    And as for stiff upper lips authors, I think a few of them just say a standard thanks because they are too overwhelmed to see a comment. This happened to me. I was so excited on receiving two comments on two different articles, that I hurriedly typed ‘Thank you’ and moved on to the next post. After a couple of weeks I realized that it was a little impolite and started forming sentences and mentioning the person who commented by name. And yeah, for the longest possible mind, it did not strike me to use the reply button. So I simply wrote a new comment ‘Thank you’, until one nice lady pointed it out to me. (My blog is just two months old and I am technologically challenged so don’t judge me) 🙂


    • Khushboo,

      Everyone learns the ropes by making mistakes first, but I’m glad you’ve been able to pick up the blog etiquette.
      As for the ‘nice comments’ and ‘thank you’, I guess it differs individually. I see some popular bloggers doing that too, and some readers just want to say something so they get a link back.


  2. A very Nice read..As I am also new to blogging,my blog is just 3 months old..This post will really help me to be good at it..Thanks.. 🙂


  3. well , I confess , I end up writing mini posts in response !! I find it very snobbish of fellow-bloggers who never comment but vote.Who knows if they actually did.there choice.but why vote the ? Say you dont like me!! 🙂
    There are another set of people who would comment irrelevant and thats equally annoying …I mean .. what ? if you did not have time ..let it be .. why show-off you read?
    I draw ..humour does not mean .. all my posts are funny .. yet there are people who type haha .. funny it was – Come on man- I wrote about how my grand ma died .. read it man !! 😀
    but then .. part and parcel ..


    • So very true. I agree that both kinds of readers- the underenthusiastic and the overenthusiastic- are annoying sometimes. But the actual etiquette- say something if have something to say- which is the case when you really like posts, is a good rule of thumb


  4. You know, I read this post yesterday. I loved it and promoted it, etc. But you made me come back to it today, simply because of point no. 1. Too many have complained they cannot comment on my blog when they try to. Google+ starts demanding favours when they press ‘comment’. I come to clarify to you and to everyone who underwent that failed attempt – I have no clue how this works. I’m not just new around, but semi-literate in tech too. 😛 I wish someone would sort it out for me so that comments on my blog would flow easily. 😛 To cut a long story short, I think I’m only explaining myself regarding point no. 1.
    Love your posts, all of them! And better still, agree with each one of them! 🙂


    • Hey Sakshi,

      its good to know that, thanks for letting me know. Google has been known to strong arm its users. It forced me to open a g+ account to post a youtube video for my last post. Although I made one, I wasn’t happy.
      A lot of times, when we start blogging, we don’t really know the shortcomings of the blog hoster. You’re not responsible for g+ being a PITA. You write great blogs, I’m a big fan, so you’ll continue having great readership. Although, you may miss out on the feedback aspect, which is very important for writers.


  5. I do find the Google + etc things too hard to comment.. With Sakshi saying the thing above, let me tell her (though I know its your blog Chaitanya) that there were atleast two instances when I really wanted to comment on her two blog posts but couldnt.. 😦

    But Chaitanya.. you are probably reading my mind, gal.. every point of your post was so valid..


    • Thanks for reading my posts Jyotsna!
      Yes, the premium commenting circles can get annoying esp when the blog is really good! But like Sakshi clarified, a lot of bloggers don’t realize what they’re signing up for when they start blogging.


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