To men with love, on woman’s day

So Woman’s Day has come and gone. Retail stores got another opportunity for a sale, Hallmark got another boost in greeting card sales before mother’s day and sister’s day and father’s day and that-guy-you-met-at-the-bus-stop-day come around and we all got pampered with inspiring articles and FB status updates.

It’s great being a woman. Even though it means I’ll never be completely happy with my figure or my shoe collection, I wouldn’t swap this for anything else.

But on this day, let’s not forget the men who make us happy women. And just why should they share our limelight?

  • They don’t get a men’s day where the whole world tells them they are so special because they’re men, regardless of whether they are angels or assholes. I agree, that’s not very original, but how would we feel if they did have a men’s day with all the pampering and the works, and we didn’t?
  • They put up with our “Can you believe she said this?” bitching game and “So brown shoes or red? But this won’t go with my hairclip!” matching game whether they want to or not. Of course, we hone their social and aesthetic quotient and make them understand beauty better, but they don’t realize we’re doing them a favor by helping us pick out our outfit, do they?
  • Whether they are our fathers, brothers or partners, they make a big paradigm shift. They get used to 28-day calendars instead of 365-day ones. They understand acronyms and phrases like PMS, DSW and “whatever”. They get used to us borrowing their shaving gel to shave our legs and not putting it back. They realize that splurging on that hundredth pair of shoe doesn’t make us vain or greedy, but it’s comparable to their search for the perfect tool-kit. In any case, they choose to empathize with us instead of ridiculing us.
  • They put up with our hypocrisies. Really, how is swooning over Johnny Depp justified when admiring Angelina Jolie equals staring at her boobs? How is bringing up his mistakes from five years ago justified when he’s not allowed to bring up the last time you missed a credit card payment?

But seriously, thank you, dear men for making my day every day of the year. Thank you for being straightforward with me and telling me when I’m wrong so I can improve. Thank you for telling me I’m beautiful on the days I look like hell. Thank you for wrapping me in your arms and making me feel like the safest, strongest person in the world.

Here’s my return gift to you.

  • I know how deep it cuts you when I cry, so I promise not to be weepy unless I absolutely can’t hold out. And I promise never to use them as tools of emotional blackmail.
  • I promise to always mean what I say, because that’s what you do, and it makes my life so much easier.
  • This is for my best buddies: I promise not to make you my girlfriend. After all, the reason I like you is because I prefer being around you over girl(y) friends. My select gang of girlfriends knows exactly what I’m talking about, so I’m not worried they will take offence.
  • This is for my dad: I promise to hold your hand when we walk and kiss you good night no matter how old I get, because that’s why you love having daughters… we’re not ashamed to say we love you.
  • And finally, this is for my man: I promise not to get jealous of the other women in your life. Unless they are hotter than me, of course.

Happy Woman’s day, all. And wish you a happy every day.


About chaitanya

Since the day I realized that making two words rhyme was the first step to poetry (a step I've now thankfully outgrown) I've been writing. I've just been too shy to blog. But What is the Question? is a baby step toward exploring my blogability. I aim to post twice a month and I'll try my very best to not bore you, because I hate boring blogs too! Keep checking back in!

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  1. This is such a lovely lovely post Chaitanya! those who haven’t read this post wouldn’t know that they missed the best post on Women’s day.

    Happy Women’s Day to you and may you celebrate life everyday!


    • Thanks Debajyoti! Everyday is a great day when you have people around you that make you happy!
      Happy woman’s day to you too, and at the risk of repeating myself, have a happy every day!


  2. I say dedicate this day to happiness. Because, when women are happy, the world is a much happier place.


  3. I don’t believe in celebrating any day, it’s a part of a big commercialization drive. What is that we can possibly do in one day? However, Thank God for such days that we get to read such interesting and entertaining posts, just like this one. 🙂


  4. Chaitanya, thanks for the wonderful post and it surely makes men feel happy for the gratitude shown towards them in such a nice way.


  5. I love your style! It is cool, unrestrained and easy 🙂 Sunny & Funny collection rocks!


  6. Aww… that is such a thoughtful post. I’m sure a lot of men around me would love what you’ve written. 🙂

    Just Another Blog


    • Thanks Bhavya, this was a topic very close to my heart as I’ve been lucky to know quite a few extraordinary men, who deserve some credit every once in a while!


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