The state of married-ness

Ten great things about the state of Married-Ness Ten not so great things about the state of Married-Ness
10.You have a whole new family to fall back on 10. You have a whole new family giving you (unsolicited) advice and fussing over you
9. You don’t have to vacuum, take out the trash or get rid of that giant spider yourself 9. Those super lazy cereal-for breakfast, cereal-for-lunch, Maggi–for-dinner days are officially over. You get used to dragging your feet to the kitchen in any state
8. Someone else pays for your shopping 8. You feel guilty indulging in $200 shoe-shopping trips when your shoe closet is overflowing in the first place, and he is content with his 6 pairs of shoes
7. Someone puts Tiger Balm on your forehead and makes you a ridiculously difficult but insanely delicious food when you have a migraine 7. No more tantrums. Ladies, the ring officially takes away your rights to any tantrums (I’m as tantrum-free as they come, but I’d still like to see my husband get me 5 red heart-shaped balloons for Valentine’s day, tied to his bike- just for kicks!)
6. One more special day in the year to get gifts! 6. Yet another special day in the year to give gifts. What do I get him again that is unique, just what he needs AND lasts forever???
5. You can wake someone up in the middle of the night and feel safer when you have a nightmare 5. You have to put up with snoring, and another alarm snooze
4. Random, don’t-stand-a-chance acquaintances don’t hit on you (“Can I make friendship with you?”) 4. The single hotties don’t waste their time on you. Ladies, that means no more “this one’s on me” either
3. Your social life expands two-fold to give you plenty of choices between having wild night outs, fun days in the park or cozy family dinners 3. Little Indian kids switch from calling you ‘akka’ or ‘didi’ to ‘Aunty’
2. Bottomline-you’re pampered (Fresh flowers all around the house, that special weekend-morning chai with just the right amount of milk, sitting through animated Disney princess movies once in a while…) 2. Ridicule and total disrespect for your OCDs frustrate the $%@& out of you (Spices arranged alphabetically, sheets crease-free throughout the night, comforter exactly parallel to the bed…)
1. You have a best friend to snuggle up to on bad days, open your heart out to and not be judged for it 1. You have to go all the way to the bathroom to fart (hey, everyone farts!)

About chaitanya

Since the day I realized that making two words rhyme was the first step to poetry (a step I've now thankfully outgrown) I've been writing. I've just been too shy to blog. But What is the Question? is a baby step toward exploring my blogability. I aim to post twice a month and I'll try my very best to not bore you, because I hate boring blogs too! Keep checking back in!

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  1. Apologies for the shoddy editing guys- Returned to wordpress after 3 years and zero patience!


  2. hey…..
    loved your lists!! and i totally agree with all of the above!!! but the best thing is in getting to marry someone who was a friend who then turned hubby!! in that case i think the advantages are more that the disadvantages…………….
    wishing you both loads of joy, happiness and all that you wish for in the coming year and all the others that follow!!!!


  3. this is kicka*#!!!
    i lov the ‘can i make friendship with u’ … as corny as it can get!!
    and of course the fuss over breakfast n lunch n tea n dinner….. phew! I can go from brunch to dinner at 6 pm nibbling on good ol’ muesli!


    • trust me- you learn shortcuts- the law of the bare minimum works wonders!! Frozen cut veggies- electric choppers- and mostly- not just maggi but maggi with veggies and tomato puree makes for a totally authentic dish!!


  4. Wonderful write.Since the patriarchal society in India treats a marriage an institution where a wife is expected to be subservient to husband, you list will undergo a sea of change.


    • We play the roles of the traditional husband and wife when we visit our in-laws for a month every year. After that, we get back to being ourselves. After all, cooking is only fun when someone else peels the onions and cleans up afterward 😛


  5. There is not one thing, in both those lists combined, that I disagree with. Super!


    • Thanks Sakshi! It’ll be interesting to read a similar list from a person who’s been married longer… I’m sure a lot of the pluses and minuses will be toggled!


  6. carefully gone through those pros and cons. guess, getting married is not a bad thing after all. and it gives you fodder for blog posts on a regular basis.


    • Do remember this is the woman’s point of view. Which means that you’ll be taking out the giant spider, paying for unnecessary but expensive shopping trips AND listening to complaints that you don’t do much around the house!


  7. Oh well!! as you mentioned .. its the women’s point of view and they are a curtain-raiser for few men reading this .. ( I am in that list 🙂 )
    everything is aptly pin-pointed and the last one was mind-blowing about the ‘farting in the bathroom’ thing 😀
    Giggles and Giggles !! 🙂
    Men may come up with bigger lists of not-so great things .. 😀 and may have fewer points on the great things part 😀


    • hehe,true, and my list is nicer because I married my undergrad best friend!
      If men ever wrote their point of view, it would be in their best interest publish anonymously 🙂
      Oh, I don’t think the ‘farting in the bathroom’ part would be in a man’s list 😉


      • haha!! rightly said .. written by anonymous – A mouth Piece on behalf of most of most of then husbands who wish to raise voices but anonymously 😀
        men become casual the moment they get married 😀
        a sense of ultimate triumph or a sense of ultimate loss 🙂


  8. Nice lists. I thought at the end of the first list “Ten great things about the state of Married-Ness ” you would mention, hey all these are not for the DIL but for the MIL. The list differs over here.


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